Back to school in style: 10 Dorm Decor Ideas for Back to School

Back to school in style: 10 Dorm Decor Ideas for Back to School

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Prepare to make your dorm room a stylish haven as you head back to school. These 10 dorm decor ideas will not only infuse personality into your space but also enhance functionality. Get ready to take your space from blah to ta-dah in no time with these trendy back-to-school dorm decor tips:

1 Setting up an Entryway Sanitization Area

Staying safe and healthy is still very important. When it comes to college campuses, creating a hygiene-friendly zone right at your dorm's entrance, complete with sanitizers and wipes for a safe and clean environment.

Mount a few hooks where you can hang up your face mask or ditch a jacket on your way in the door. Many dorm rooms don't include a private bathroom or sink where you can wash up, so station hand sanitizer near the door where you can clean your hands when you return from class.

2 Add a Zippy Rug

A checkerboard-patterned rug is a very hot commodity, and its popularity shows no sign of waning. The olive colour of this flatwoven KLASSRUM rug from IKEA adds a cool retro vibe to any room. Tip: be sure you buy a large enough size, so that the furniture legs are tucked underneath the carpet.

3 Focus on Your Bed

Between doing homework, hanging out, and sleeping, students spend a lot of time in bed. A twin upholstered headboard adds cozy style while providing back support for studying and watching TV.

What's more,space is at a premium in a dorm room, but if there’s one piece of furniture you’re going to add, Dorn suggests a nightstand. Maximize space with bedside storage organizers, turning your bed into a multi-purpose haven for relaxation and organization.

4 Decorate Your Dorm’s Blank Wall

Use our fun collage template to load in your favorite #grammables from over the years.  Depending on how many pictures you have on Instagram, you could print a few grids and use it as wallpaper covering your entire wall, or print just your top 10 to hang on your wall.

5 Hang a Pretty Mirror

A decorative mirror not only adds flair to your room but also makes your space feel more open and spacious. This one bounces around the light, adds a touch of bling, has a trendy contour and doesn’t take up any space at all. We like the cut (and the cost) of this mirror’s jib — the Over-the-Door Framed Mirror, from PB Teen.

6 Add Some Plant Life

Whether it's a live plant or faux greenery, adding this natural element can truly transform your dorm room into a lively sanctuary. Opting for low-maintenance plants like succulents or spider plants adds not only aesthetic appeal but also promotes a healthier living space by improving air quality.

7 Get a Table for Tasks and Meals

Whether you’re hunched over a bowl of mac and cheese or banging out an essay, this Slim Square Plate Coffee Table from SOHO FOREVER is up for the task. This versatile addition adds both functionality and style to your dorm.

8 Use Alternative Lighting

The lighting at most schools are fluorescent lights that are bright and not flattering. They will be harsh when you don’t want to wake up in the morning and you definitely won’t be able to leave them on when your roommate wants to sleep and you have to study. A good way to get around this is to bring additional lighting so that you can use other lights when you can’t stand the fluorescents. To save space, many people get desk lamps that also have places for you to store all of your office supplies like pens and notepads. 

Another creative alternative is to string up white Christmas lights around your room. It will give the room a happy feel all year round and the light feels very natural, unlike the fluorescents.

9 Use Space Effectively 

Utilize under-bed storage, hanging organizers, and shelves to maximize your space and keep your belongings organized.

10 Prioritize Your Schoolwork

It’s important to remember why you’re in a dorm in the first place. Of all the places to organize and decorate, your desktop should be a top priority. 

“Keep your desktop clutter-free and wires hidden away in boxes,” Dorn suggests. “Desk organizers are great to keep your work organized for each class. Label them accordingly to always know where your work is."


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