Buy Guide: Top 8 Best Mushroom Lamps Project for Home

Buy Guide: Top 8 Best Mushroom Lamps Project for Home

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From brown leather upholstery and rounded furniture to chrome accents and rattan chairs, 2022 is the year that home decor trends of decades past get the renaissance moment they deserve. The latest vintage staple making a comeback is the iconically quirky mushroom lamp—and we're completely obsessed. 

And that's why we’re ever-so-kindly bringing you this list of the 8 best mushroom lamps to shop online now.

1 BSOD Mushroom Lamp 

Best Glass Vintage Home Table Decor  39$ AT AMAZON



Vintage Style White Striped Mushroom Lamp with Warm White E12 LED Bulb, Full Of Medieval Style, With A Small Mushroom Shape, Wavy Stripes Are Clearly Visible, And The Design Is Exquisite it is from the 1970s that the mushroom-shaped lamp with its delicately twisting shades of pastel became popular.

Painting Glass Mushroom Table Lamp

Best Painting Glass Table Lamp  29.99$ AT AMAZON

Its unique design makes it stand out from standard table lamps. The Bohemian Resin Mushroom adds a touch of nature to your living space creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

3 Mushroom Pendant

Best pendant lamp  425$

A friend for your dining table, desk, or empty corner. Each diffuser is mold-blown, and while precise, they are all unique.

4 Pottery Barn Lark Iron Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamp


We're happy to report that floor lamps also come in mushroom form! This black one illuminates surprisingly well, thanks to the light-reflecting gold interior.

5 Globe Electric Luna Desk Lamp

Best Affordable Option  50$ AT AMAZON

With a trendy mushroom shade and a stylish matte blue finish, the Luna Desk Lamp is a high-functionality sculptural piece that offers a task light in a clean tidy package perfect as an office lamp or study lamp.

6 Lucky Mushroom Night Light

Best Night Light for a Soft Glow  19.9$ at Inspire Uplift

A light that can help you sleep cozily All. Night. Long. And no need to worry about the illumination - it is just the right brightness; no danger to your soothing sleep.

7 AllModern Hamaad Table Lamp

Best Modern One  120$ AT ALLMODERN


If you're into the rounded silhouette of mushroom lamps but want something a bit more discreet, this cool beige one fits the bill.

8 Crate and Barrel Joy Clay Table Lamp

Best Touch-Sensitive Lamp  149$ at CRATE & BARREL

Is this technically a kid's lamp? Yes. Do we care? Absolutely not! It's playful (yet elevated), touch-sensitive, and features three different brightness levels.