8 PC Gaming Room Ideas and Setups

8 PC Gaming Room Ideas and Setups

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1. Tropical Rainforest Theme Game Room Set Up

Tropical rainforest theme game room

Both home office and game room, Potted houseplants is a good choice for your set up.


2. Game Anchor Game Room Set up

Game anchor game room

The RGB ambient light makes your game live room more attractive to the audience.

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3. A well thought out gaming setup

 gaming setup

PC gaming setup with two 3 monitors and ambient RGB.


4. Girl Game Set up

 Girl Game Set up

This girl game room set up with two curved Samsung monitors. Pink and purple aesthetic.


5. Music Enthusiast Home Office Set Up

pc game room

The Touch sensitive modular wall lights offers 13 fixed colors and 3 dynamic modes, along with timing functions, touch-sensor activation, and an included remote control.


6. Ultimate Gaming Room idea

Ultimate Gaming Room idea

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7. Minimalist Game Room Set Up



8.  Space-saving small gaming room

Space-saving small gaming room